Insights About the Digital T-shirt Printing Equipment

Do you ever wonder how different graphic designs are printed onto your T-shirts? There are many ways this can be done. One is via screen printing and the other is via digital printing. Both have their pros and cons.

There are many benefits to using digital T-shirt printing equipment. It is very cost-effective, and as a result, is very good for bigger orders. Digital printing gives a very professional-looking appearance. The graphic design is very durable and long-lasting, so it will look good for a long period of time. It can also last through frequent machine washes. Digital printing is also great for producing larger graphics, and for printing graphics in different places on the clothing, such as on the sleeves.

Digital T-shirt printing equipment is not 100% perfect; it has some disadvantages which include; it is not good for small orders and can often create thick finishes that are not desirable. The process can be tiresome and challenging more so if you have to go through the process of pre-treating garments for some specific colored garments.

Some of the most important digital T-shirt printing equipment includes the computer systems and the printer itself.  A computer system is used basically to design the image usinga graphic design software. Some of these graphic design programs are available for free while some like the Photoshop can be purchased. For intricate designs, it is advisable that you go for high-end graphic design software. They are mostly used by professional designers.

The working principle a direct-to-garment printer which is one of the most popular digital printers is basically the same as that of the ordinary printers which are used to print papers. The only difference is that, in this case, garments are used instead of papers. Therefore, after an image has been designed, it is sent to the printer to obtain the desired image. This process has been automated and it does not require a highly trained professional to run the system.

Digital T-shirt printing equipment share some similarities with the screen printing technique more so when it comes to the design process. In the case of screen printing technology, the image to be printed is designed using graphics programs just like in the direct-to-garment printer. However, it differs from the digital T-shirt printing equipment in that:

The image used must be solid black, so that it blocks the light. After the image is selected, using a laser printer, it is printed out onto transparency paper.  It also involves preparing a screen.  Basically, this process is labor intensive, thus, it is not recommended for small scale and multiple color production. However, when it comes to large scale production, screen printing  is commonly used since it is cost effective.

The digital T-shirt printing equipment is one of the most expensive printers due to the wide range of features they come, however, you can get  some of the best bargains if you visit online stores such  Oprint Jet. Since they are mainly used for small scale production, they are used alongside the screen printers.


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