UV Printers

All You Need to Know About UV Printers for Sale

For all your high end printing needs, UV printers are exactly what you require. There is luckily no shortage of UV printers for sale at the market is awash with various types of printers to satisfy the numerous needs of the increasingly sophisticated printing market.

The UV printer’s highest quality product resolution is as a result of utilizing ultra violet light to cure the printing ink. As is typical of any product undergoing constant improvements, UV printers for sale have evolved from UV inkjet printers that use metal halide lamps and high-pressure mercury lamps as the UV curing light source for UV-LED lamps that are relatively smaller in size and generate lower amounts of heat.

UV Printer A2+ for Sale
UV Printer A2+

While the metal halide and high pressure mercury lamps are high in output and appropriate for large scale production, expanding your product base by stocking UV printers for sale that utilize the UV-LED lamps is advantageous in that:

  • There is quicker turnaround time due to instantaneous drying thus cutting out post-printing drying time
  • Due to less heat generation, they can be used on very thin films since there is less likelihood of thermal deformity
  • Their energy consumption rate is much less as a result of structural advantages and the need to light it only when required.
  • More environmentally friendly as they do not emit short wave ultraviolet rays that deplete the ozone.
  • They are lightweight and compact and lighting can last 10 longer more than a metal halide lamp.

There are as many types of UV printers for sale as there are printing needs. They all however share some commonalities such as:

  • Compact designs that are easy to use and install in different places
  • High caliber head nozzles for high resolution prints with edge-to-edge sharpness
  • Different nozzles for each color delivery, including custom colors like opaque whites, metallic, and clear overprint vanishes.
  • Can be employed for a wide range of printing technologies, including flexo, screen, letterpress and offset.

In a bid to satiate the demand for superior quality printing, manufacturers with a strong pulse on the increasingly volatile consumer needs have designed highly specialized printers. Examples of these specific UV printers for sale are:

  • UV flatbed printers: these are digital printers that are of various types, e.g. the wall mounted low-noise UV flatbed thermal printer
  • Calling card UV printers
  • UV vanished soft cover book printers
  • UV banner printers that produce rolls upon rolls of high resolution prints at very high speed
  • Melamine board UV-LED printers
  • Plastic food packaging bag UV printers.

There are also UV printers for paper cards, fake nails, ceramics, tarpaulins, non-woven fabrics, phone cases and acrylic boards, to name but a few.

Further, the UV printers are readily available both at your local office equipment outlet and on online shops, with spare parts and repair services being easily accessible. They come with different conditions ranging from new, second hand to refurbished ones. Depending on your needs, either for individual, retail or large scale printing requirements, the ultra violet printer will serve you perfectly.


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